Executive production



Three sorority yearmates that dislike each other need to cooperate to succeed when tied together during a hazing ritual.

Three girls are tied up together and dropped in the middle of nowhere. They’re yearmates taking part in the hazing period of a sorority and need to get back in time to succeed at this task. Yet they won’t move and argue because they don’t particularly like each other. With a deadline looming they need to set aside their differences to succeed. They find a fragile friendship in the process.

This film premiered at the Limburg Film Festival in 2022.

Dutch title: Jaarsgenoten.


Cast and crew.

Robin Launspach
Davida Blom
Julia Olsthoorn

Sjoerd van Wijk
Script: Sjoerd van Wijk
Producer: Sjoerd van Wijk
Executive producer: Dzenita Camo
1st A.D.: Dzenita Camo

D.O.P.: Roeland Bentvelzen
Focus puller: Daan Kramer
Erik ter Veld
Best boy:
Sietse Kesselaar
Sound recordist: Paul Verhallen
Art director: Timouch Ben Amar
Script supervisor: Sybe Gratama
Hair and make-up: Vanessa Cogorno

Ayse Rammler
Soundmix and sounddesign: Paul Verhallen
Colorgrading: Bruno Ramos
Catering: Coosje Brunnekreeft en Han van Wijk


photographs of rehearsals in Maastricht

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