The Tripsitter

Executive production


The Tripsitter.

The Tripsitter is a short film bordering between an essay film and psychological drama. When the creative and slightly naive Lisa gets a bad trip on magic mushrooms, she begins to doubt her guru Freek and his philosophical views. To achieve enlightenment she has to confront her frustrations with her fellow human beings and her ambivalent feelings about Freek.

This film is expected to premiere on festivals in the winter of 2023.

Dutch title: De tripsitter


Cast and crew.

Paulien Foest
Jurriaan Bruinier

Sjoerd van Wijk
Script: Sjoerd van Wijk
Producer: Sjoerd van Wijk
Executive producer: Dzenita Camo
1st A.D.: Dzenita Camo

D.O.P.: Roeland Bentvelzen
Focus puller: Arthur de Jong
Sietse Kesselaar
Sound recordist: Kees van der Knaap
Script supervisor: Michel Volwater
Hair and make-up: Ruth van Baal

Ayse Rammler
Soundmix and sounddesign: Mark Blom
Colorgrading: Bruno Ramos