The Patriarchy

Script, production, assistant director


The Patriarchy.

It’s a man’s, man’s world. Until a woman finds her voice.

In the short drama film The Patriarchy the ambitious businesswoman Anna faces rigid patriarchal views in her struggle for leadership of the family business in de 1970s.

The film is currently in production. De shooting is planned for the summer of 2022.

This film is being supported bij Rotterdams Vrouwenfonds.

Dutch title: Het Patriarchaat.



Cast and crew.

Johan Glaubitz – Theodorus Aardenburg
Loes Wouterson – Anna Aardenburg
Jeroen Rienks – Albert Jr. Aardenburg
Kai Vasmel – Pieter Aardenburg
Katja van der Does – Hendrikje Aardenburg
Annelies Kaan – Grietje van Stiphout
Elles van Velzen – Irene

Director and story: Elles van Velzen
Script and assisting director: Dzenita Camo
Executive producers: Dzenita Camo, Lies Waterman en Michel Volwater

D.O.P.: Edwin Kentie en Fabio van Elswijk
Gaffer: Alban Riphagen
1st A.D.: Anouk Briefjes
Script supervisors: Michel Volwater, Caitlyn Nerkust
Sound recordist and mixer: Kees van der Knaap
Editor and colorist: Fabio van Elswijk

Art directors: Chantal Rebers en Michel Volwater
Styling: Chris Ezerman
Ria Kooijman, Eva Kuypers
Production assistants: Ivo de Kler, Luna Kentie, Maurice van Bokhoven, Hendrika van Bokhoven, Iris Swarttouw, Lejla Camo
Set photographer: Johan de Moel
Catering: Dave Molenaar, Astrid Ramakers


The Patriarchy is produced by Stichting Agie in collaboration with Filmbureau Waterwegen.

This film is financially supported by Rotterdam Women Fund (Rotterdams Vrouwenfonds), the Municipality of Rotterdam (Gemeente Rotterdam), Elles van Velzen productions, Volwater Media and a number of private contributions through crowdfunding via Voordekunst.