Symphony of the body

Production and director assistant


Awards and nominations.

Fiver, International Dance Film Festival
Spain (October 2019)
Special mention




Symphony of the body

Between the coming and going of trains and travelers in the monumental Rotterdam Central station, two people try to meet in music and dance. This poetic and musical film explores the body in the midst of architectural functionality. With “up-and-coming flamenco God” Eduardo Guerrero and the masterly singer and saxophonist Antonio Lizana.

Symphony of the Body is a short dance film about architecture. It is an ode to the body’s ability to claim space in the overwhelming architecture of Rotterdam. The film had its festival premiere in October 2o19 at the Fiver International Dance Film Festival, where it also won a special mention. The film has also been screened at other international festivals in the past year, where it is highly regarded.

Dutch title: Symfonie of the body






Cast and crew.

Eduardo Guerrero
Antonio Lizana

Director: Monica Ruiz
Script: Monica Ruiz
Producers: René en Mira Mendel
Executive producers: Monica Ruiz
Assistent production and director: Dzenita Camo
Runner: Lavinia Xausa

D.O.P.: Matija Pekic
2nd camera: Jesse Emmanuel Bom
Gaffer: Mihai Gui
Sound recording and soundmix: Henk-Jelle de Groot

Matija Pekic
Colorgrading: Matija Pekic
Sounddesign: Serge Dusault
Music: Antonio Lizana

Title design: Abe Haine
Poster design:
Studio THO
Ginette Lavell
Coaching: Noud Heerkens