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A young couple is separated by a sudden eruption of madness that forces them to become refugees and start a new life far apart from each other. Return to their war-torn hometown reveals each other’s true fate.

PIN is the triad story of the life of a young professor turned refugee and his struggle to move on with his life after the loss of everything he held dear. This tragic drama uses Yugoslav wars as a backdrop while the viewer walks side by side with Alen and experiences his past, present and the future. Although the plot is situated in the past it still remains very much current today. Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Ukraine and dozens of other conflicts currently underway in full force all over the planet are still showing us how simple it is to pit people against one another. How easy it is to make people think in terms of ‘us’ and ’them’. Therefore PIN is a realistic and universal anti-war story which shows what happens when we stop with dialogue and tolerance and resort to violence and weapons.



Cast and crew.

Director: Ismar Vejzovic
Script: Ismar Vejzovic
Production: Dzenita Camo

This film is still in development stage. The cast and crew will be announced as we go.