(inn) a state of siege


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(Inn) a State of Siege

How do you keep a hotel running during a war, in a besieged city and on a location lined with snipers?

‘(Inn) a State of Siege’ tells the extraordinary story of the employees of the famous Holiday Inn hotel in Sarajevo. The damaged hotel remained open during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it became the base for foreign journalists who reported of the siege and the war. The hotel was located in the middle of ‘Sniper Alley’. Sniper Alley is the colloquial name for one of the most dangerous and infamous places in the city ​​and was at the time lined with Bosnian Serb sniper posts. Chef Mustafa, waiter Faruk and driver Ismet kept the hotel running risking their own life. But how do you run a hotel in such conditions?



Cast and crew.

Director: Qali Nur
Script: Qali Nur
Production: Dzenita Camo

This film is in an early production fase. The crew will be announced as we go.