If only mom could see us now

1st assistant director


Awards and nominations.

48 HFP Award Ceremony
LantarenVenster, Rotterdam (28 augustus 2014)
Nomination: Best Use of Genre

If only mom could see us now

During the 48 Hour Film Project Rotterdam in 2014, we took part in the competition as part of a very special team. ‘Melpomene, Thalia and other Muses’ was a team that consisted only of women. With this initiative, we wanted to highlight the hard-working women in the film world.

Despite un unexpected setback, that set our timer just under 36 hours, we  delivered a fun black comedy  right on time for the drop-off.


Cast and crew.

Elles van Velzen – Michelle Bergwijn
Anouk Briefjes – Frederique Bergwijn

Director: Melinda Jansen
Script: (naar een idee van Liesbeth Rood): Melinda Jansen, Elles van Velzen, Anouk Briefjes en Gaby Sadowski
Production: Elles van Velzen, Anouk Briefjes
Production advisor: Rozanna van Boxtel
Production management: Fenny Tietema
1st assistant director: Dzenita Camo
Production assistance: Shantie Mohan, Tatiana Glansbeek

D.O.P.: Sanna Mensonides
1st assistent camera: Eveline Haverlag
Script supervisor: Sophie van de Klashorst
Sound recordist: Janneke Bekkema
Gaffer: Karen Flore

Editors: Debby de Man en Pauline Arkensteijn
Colorgrading: Marieke Landman
Sounddesign: Kamila Wojcik
Composer: Angelique van Hest
Sound artist: Annemarie Steinvoort
Titelsong written and performed by: Desray en Pheadra Kwant

Art director: Mariëlle Verbeek
Make-up & hair: Eva Kuypers
Styling: Elles van Velzen
Title design: Pauline Arkensteijn
Poster design: Fenny Tietema