Production (management)


Awards and nominations.

48 HFP Award Ceremony
LantarenVenster, Rotterdam (augustus 2013)
Winner: Best Use of Rotterdam.
Nominations: Audience award (3d); Best Music Score; Best Editing; Best Sound Design; Best Actress (Relinde de Graaff).



A colorful group of nine travels the roads of their everyday world. Through bars of (self-) imposed restrictions, longing glances glide over the fields and rivers of personal freedom that surround them. Sometimes they step outside to smell the grass, but they never stay long.

President Nick van Tilburg finds a certain comfort in the Thorn by his side, even though his heart belongs to the Rose. Caught between these bars of feelings, will Rose be the one who chooses her freedom?

FRI is a highly artistic, absurd, tragic-comic story about a holiday romance. The film is full of deeper layers, literary and symbolic references whose overall interaction focuses on voluntary imprisonment in social standards versus the courage to break free from them. All this in just six minutes, different languages and a colorful nine-person cast.

This film was made for the 48 Hour Film Project Rotterdam 2013.

Cast and crew.

Relinde de Graaff – The Rose
Zouhair Mtazi – Nick van Tilburg
Kaltoum Boufangacha – The Thorn
Shidainy Tuinfort – Girl
Jacco van Belle – Mister Rabbit
Wally – Junk
Andy Smart – Ping
Angel Petronia – Pong
René Koene Gras – Transvestite

Director: Shafelly Snijders
Script: Gerard Meuldijk en Shafelly Snijders
Production: Dzenita Camo en Gerard Meuldijk
Productionmanagement: Dzenita Camo
1st A.D.: Sylvia de Vries
Production assistants: Babette Looije, Marc Kieser


D.O.P.: Kees Patijn
1st assistent camera: Nick Mattingly
Sound recordist: Johannes van Beeck

Editor: Bas Baakman
Composer: Ferdi Abel

Set dresser /decor: Ron Nout
Make-up & haar: Ase Blüm
Styling: Myrtel Jackson, Evalien van Gemeren, Liesbeth van Gemeren
Title and posterdesign: Sebastiaan de Ruijter
Catering: Kees Diepstraten, Rienke Boone